Move, transport or furniture transport to/from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart or any german population.


The next transports are already planned, but not closed yet!!!

Since 28. November until 04. Dezember is a transport possible to/from:
Dortmund, Leipzig, Hannover, Rotterdam, Chemnitz, Würzburg, Berlin, Konstanz, Wiesbaden, Zürich, Kopenhagen, Köln, Braunschweig, München, Bremen, Flensburg, Brugge, Halle (Saale), Seevetal, Stuttgart, Antwerpen, Metz, Prag, Den Haag, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Mailand, Regensburg, Hamburg, Potsdam und Frankfurt.

Since 05. until 11. Dezember
is a transport possible to/from:
Utrecht, Göttingen, Würzburg, Stuttgart, Mailand, Erfurt, Köln, Den Haag, Hamburg, London, Konstanz, Ulm, Dortmund, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Kiel, Düsseldorf, Tübingen, München, Hannover, Zürich, Jena, Gelsenkirchen, Rostock, Nürnberg, Mönchengladbach, Reims und Rom.

Since 12. until 18. Dezember
is a transport possible to/from:
Wismar, Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Hildesheim, Osnabrück, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, München, Nancy, Köln, Flensburg, Frankfurt, Essen, Düsseldorf, Magdeburg, Mannheim, Ingolstadt, Berlin, Leipzig, Gera, Braunschweig, Mailand, Dortmund, Seevetal, Reims, Mainz, Aachen, Hannover, Ulm, Wien, Göttingen, Hamburg und Kopenhagen.

Cheap transports as "Beiladung" for companies

Beiladung für Unternehmen z.B. von & nach Berlin

If you are looking for low-cost transport as an additional cargo for Berlin, Germany, and Europe, you are in the right place: We collect your freight from you and transport it directly to your delivery address. Without transshipment and without detours. Simply direct, fast, reliable and cost-effective. In certain cases, transportation can be done in two stages, such as when there is a certain time between the pickup and delivery dates. In this case, it is possible for the customer that the goods remain in our warehouse in Berlin for a period of time until the delivery date has been determined. Another example of transport being carried out in two stages, where either the place of pick-up or delivery is not one of our usual destinations and we therefore find no way to organize direct transport between the two sites. If the transport costs would be too high, we suggest that our customers carry out the transport between point A and point B in two stages, as this is a very good, safe and cheaper alternative to transport.

Transport as "Beiladung" for private moves, pallets, furniture...

Beiladung für Private Umzüge z.B. von & nach Berlin

Do you want move or something transport ? We offer a cheap and secure alternative to freight forwarding, post and parcel services. We collect everything from you, load it once on one of our vans and bring it directly to your destination in Berlin, Germany, Europe. The principle is quite simple: On the one hand, many haulage companies can not completely fill their shops. On many vehicles there is still room between the moving, freight and transport goods. For the transport companies, this means that they are driving from one city to the next, sometimes unloaded. That could be optimized. On the other hand, there are individuals, companies and companies who want to bring smaller or larger items, furniture (couch, armchair, cupboard, bed, mattress, etc.), moving boxes or important documents from A to B - from one city to another one.

Local and regional

If you are planning a move or transport to Berlin or Brandenburg, you are exactly right with us: We transport your goods and your freight quickly, directly and the costs are always low.


Looking for cheaper furniture transport as an extra load in all German cities? Call us: We are experienced experts for cheap, fast and reliable additional loads throughout Germany.

Europa und international

We also offer cheap furniture transports in Europe. Again, we pick up everything from you and bring it directly to the delivery address in Europe.

What is important in a "Beiladung" or a furniture transport?

1. The price of a "Beiladung" should be cheaper.

With a cheap transport as an extra charge from us you get everything from one source: top service, pickup, delivery, transport and moving helpers and reasonable prices. You save money, costs and nerves. Simply cheaper.

2. Your goods should be insured.

We are your reliable transport, removal and loading partner. We discuss every step with you and are 100% committed to our agreements. Everything is safe. Simply reliable.

3. Quick response to your wishes.

We reach our destination faster: We collect everything from you, drive directly to the destination and deliver everything to the desired delivery address. Without detours and without transhipment. Just faster.

4. A good organization and a good transport plan.

We have been working for many years as a transport, removal and asylum pro. We have excellent contacts to German, European and international freight forwarding and transport services and have already organized thousands of additional cargo. Just experienced.

Ask for a budget now!!

We are the experienced expert for fast, reliable and cheap furniture transports, freight forwarders and additional loads in Germany and Europe. We can not give you all-inclusive prices: After all, every order is as unique as our clients.